We make it easy for you to enhance or reach your sustainability goals with our growing list of California Local Family Farmers. Creating reputable relationship and sourcing fresh and premium quality produce right from our Southern California Farmers Markets is a priority here at Sunrise.

We understand the commitment it takes to meet your sustainable standards. That’s why we provide you with the knowledge and products so it’s easier for you!  Our Farmers Market Availability list is constantly growing and changing, just like your menus, so being aware of the seasons best available local and sustainable products is crucial.

Let Sunrise Produce Company help you further your sustainable commitment. As we remain steadfast in creating and maintaining strong relationships with our local Southern California farmers, we are ready and eager to connect you with fresh and local produce.

Yearly and Seasonal CA farmers include but are not limited to:

2 Peas in a Pod – 7 Hot Dates – Andy’s Orchard – Coleman Family Farm – County Line Harvest – Cuyama Orchard – Energy Bee Farm – Friends Ranch – Harry’s Berries – JF Organic Farms – JJ’s Lone Daughter Ranch – Juicy Fruit Farm – Kenter Canyon – McGrath Family Farms – Milliken Family Farms – Mud Creek Ranch – Murray Family Farms – Munak Farms – Pudwill Farms – Regier Family Farms – Sunkist Farms – Tenerelli Orchards – Tehachapi Grain Project – Tamai Family Farms –  The Garden Of… – Tutti-Frutti – Valdivia Farms – Weiser Family Farms – Wong Farms – Yasutomi Farms

Farmers' Market Gallery

Please contact Sunrise Customer Service to set up ordering.