Enhanced Service for an Exceptional Kitchen

As a leading wholesale produce distribution company, we strive to not only be the best at what we do, but to meet the individual needs of our customers. We understand the difficulties of running a successful food service operation. With our 25 plus years of experience, it has allowed us to specialize and strengthen our skills in providing fresh produce procurement and distribution services to our customers, ensuring your success. All while committed to food safety and quality by operating at the highest standards for food safety and quality assurance. We are a trusted partner by providing a total sourcing solution and superior service to meet your specific kitchen needs.

Equipped with a leading edge, state-of-the-art warehouse and distribution facility. 100% Refrigerated with five temperature zones.

Centrally located in SoCal to provide exceptional procurement to our customers.

Regularly maintained full service fleet of bobtails and tractor trailers with modern refrigeration to maintain optimal cold chain standards.

Advanced computerized routing system and radio dispatched drivers to maintain accurate and consistent delivery schedules.